Developing a Family Preparedness Planner

Developing a family preparedness plan is the first step towards being fully prepared for any emergency. Developing a communications plan (how you will contact each other), a local and out-of-town meeting point (where to meet to re-unite), and making a family emergency survival kit that meets the needs of each family member (including pets and service animals), makes for a good start on a successful Family Preparedness Planner.

Before you begin, it will be helpful for you to have access to some important information to ensure your Family Emergency Planner is as complete as possible. Items you should have handy include names, address and contact information of important locations such as schools, workplaces, local and out-of-town reunification points, doctors, veterinarians, and medical service providers.

Once you have started to develop your plan, you can navigate the Planner by using the 'Back' and 'Save/Continue' buttons at the bottom of each section, or you can jump to a particular section using the numbered tabs along the right-hand side of each page. Remember to save often, as this website and application does not save your information.

Please note: For security reasons, data entered during your current session will be lost after 2-hours of inactivity. If you need to stop working on your plan, please make sure to save your work using the option on the final page of the planner. When you are ready to resume building your plan or wish to make changes to your current plan, please upload your saved file using the "Load Plan" tool on the first page.

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Creating your plan should take about 30 minutes. To get started, click the New Plan button below. If you have already created and saved a plan on your computer and want to make changes to it, click the Load Plan button.
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